Last Week in Dr Don

Today we take a look back at some of my favorite questions and posts of the previous week! From loans to portfolios to social security, there is always something new in the world of finance.

Home Loan Options for Paying College Costs 

While everyone has different mortgages and savings plans, looking at options of a loan to send your child to college is not beyond your means.

When to Rebalance Your Portfolio

The market is ever changing, meaning your portfolio should never be left in the stone age. So when is the right time to rebalance and how should you go about it?

Waiting on Social Security

With age expectancy growing higher, will you regret filing for Social Security earlier on? We take a look at whether or not it benefits you to file or wait.

College Savings Should Begin with a 529 Plan 

It’s hard to generalize what the “best” savings plan is, but extensive research leads us to believe that a 529 plan is where it should start.

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