Last Week Tonight: Dr Don Edition

Looking back on the past week of Dr Don, we’ve had questions and posts all over the financial map. From Roth options to your credit history and how it meshes with your mortgage, we’ve got you covered.

Use Roth IRA and Roth 401(k) at the Same Time 

Try For Mortgages Despite Thin Credit History

Can You Tap 529 Plan Funds to Pay Student Loans?

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Best of the Week

While I have been lax on blog writing for my own business, I have been busy writing blogs and answering questions on sites which I am affiliated with. Here are some of my favorite posts of the week:

401k Funds to Pay a Mortgage

Does Grandma Need a Roommate?

Avoiding Grandparent Scams

Manage Your Lawsuit Settlement

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New Employee 401(k) Decisions

You graduated last spring.  Spent your summer finding that first job.   Planning for retirement doesn’t seem like a very high priority, not compared with getting a handle on your student loan payments, furnishing that new apartment, or making  your car payment.  Still, a little time spent sifting through your retirement account options will pay real dividends towards your future financial security.

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