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While we’re still working on getting back up and running with giving you the freshest financial advice from the doctor himself, it doesn’t mean you have to abstain from his wisdom. We’ve collected some of the hottest links of this past week to share with you this week.

How do Couples Set Money Goals?

How Can I Tell Banks I’m Not Dead? 

Can a Reverse Mortgage Help Medicade? 

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Reverse Mortgages

The US population is aging, and as it does, older Americans want to age in their homes but need to access the equity for home improvement or other bills. Reverse mortgages were created as a way to convert a portion of an owners home equity into cash. While it is similar to a home equity loan, no monthly payment is required until the borrower no longer lives in the home as a primary residence or fails to meets the obligations of the mortgage (i.e. paying taxes). It’s important to know more about reverse mortgages in order to determine it is an option for you.

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